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The ABC German School is a German Immersion Language School on Seattle's Eastside. The school is open to students of all cultural and language backgrounds who are interested in learning another language and thereby also strengthen their English skills using the school's various German language programs. Research has shown that foreign language learning not only improves understanding of the student's native language, but enhances listening skills, improves memory and gives a new perspective and understanding of language itself.

Our program is therefore based on the principles of respect, responsibility, integrated learning, creativity and discovery through a German immersion curriculum. Above all we believe that school should be a positive experience and children should develop a lifelong love for learning.

The School's new location as of June 2005 is a large house with a fenced-in yard (extensive backyard) with a play mountain, sandbox, swings and outdoor toys.


In 1997 Nadja Helmer-Penry and a small group of German parents had a vision: to establish a German Immersion School in the Seattle area. That fall, the ABC German School opened its doors with two teachers and 10 students. Since then, the school has grown to about 140 students, from ages 2 to adult. The school now offers not only a Preschool program, but also an Afterschool-program, evening classes for adults and summer camps. All teachers are German natives with degrees in early childhood education as well as foreign languages.
Teaching Goals

The ABC German School would like to give you as a child a home where you can have a lot of fun while learning the German language.  This home is child friendly, clean and cozy. You will hear and speak only German while you are there.  You may not even realize how much you are learning because you'll be so busy playing, singing, reading, experimenting, cooking, baking and making friends. The teachers are trained professionals in Education, Psychology, Special needs education and have degrees in foreign language teaching, and know how to take good care of you, teaching everything you want to know.
Teaching Method

The ABC School wants you to learn more about the German culture and traditions. The ABC Preschool for children ages 2-5 are intended to be a total immersion language program, and are designed to help you to speak or (read and write) German at an early age.  The games, projects and playtimes are designed to stimulate and improve your German language skills at your speed. Most important is that you are having fun while learning about different cultures and seeing other children learn with you.
The Afterschool classes "German is Fun" for children ages 5-16 are designed to stimulate the German language through fun classes. The curriculum in these classes includes reading, writing, math, social studies, games, holidays, songs and poems. Class size is limited to 10 students. Parents choose from 1, 2 or 3 days, as well as various proficiency levels, from the Beginner-Advanced student.

The 8-week Evening sessions for adults ages 16 and up are being offered after 6 pm to accommodate the busy schedule of parents or professionals. These are small classes customized to the specific needs of the individual group.


What to expect

We are a Language Immersion program that offers the German language and culture to children as well as an excellent early childhood education. In addition we offer after school classes, summer camps, afternoon and evening classes, workshops and festive cultural events throughout the year. We teach children naturally through school activities, play, books and everyday conversation. Students in our Preschool and Afterschool programs learn fundamental academic skills while they acquire the German language and culture. In today's world it's a huge asset to have a second language, and kids learn at an incredibly fast rate. Give your children the opportunity that only comes once during their optimal window of language development. Let them learn a second language the fun, natural way!

         The best GIFT you can give your child is the GIFT of another language!

Think of the benefits your child will experience with German as a second language!


Open Houses and Tours are offered throughout the school year to give inquiring and current parents a window into the immersion education at the ABC German School. We encourage you to come visit our school with your child to meet the teachers and find out more about classes appropriate for you or your child.  Please contact Nadja Helmer-Penry for more information.

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